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School In A Click (SIAC) – School Management System

What is SIAC ?

School in a Click is a school ERP intuitive digital platform used as a complete School and College Management System. School in a Click guarantees seamless efficiency for the functioning of all the operations and provides better engagement between the school and parents on a single platform. Digitalisation accelarates the operational gains and significantly descrease your management costs.

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School in a click, an ERP with latest innovative approach towards the emerging landscape in the Web and Mobile World

School Management

School Management

Is a user-friendly Student Management Software that uses a centrally-controlled, efficient workflow to administer the schools, faculty/non-faculty and students. The landscape automates vital processes like design, development and distribution of syllabus, payment management and online classes.

Human Resource

Human Resource Management

Records employee details in an organized, efficient and highly accessible manner. It also creates an effective payroll and leave-management workflow.

Library EBooks Learning Videos

Library Management

Allows faculty and students to browse books and reference materials like magazines, journals and catalogues. Users can make book-issue requests by adding books to a virtual cart, subject to their availability. The module manages the end-to-end library workflow including issuing, collecting, tracking books as well as managing payments and overdue books.

Transport Management

Transport Management

SIAC provides a Transport Management system that optimizes the day to day transport operations for the school. The module is designed to ensure the safe journey of students- from pickup to drop. Additionally, it also helps in managing and tracking the vehicles, routes and drivers.

Event Management

Event Management

Enables schools with a platform to organize events, from start to finish. Ticketed entry is enabled so that users can buy and generate e-tickets. E-payment can be easily made through credit/debit card or vouchers. Students and faculty can easily organize and attend events with minimal hassle.

Appointment Management

Appointment Management

Acts as a bridge between parents- teachers and principles by enabling appointment booking through a slot-availability chart. The system also sends notifications and reminders of upcoming meetings to the users.

Event Management

School Diary

is an important feature of a School ERP system. The school diary provides daily-assignment tracking, parent acknowledgement, group and bulk messaging to parents and students mobile app in Android or iOS.